ICP Kolloquium: Sabine Ludwigs, 21. Januar 2021, „Bioinspired Multiresponsive Polymer Films“

January 21, 2021

Time: January 21, 2021
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Prof. Dr. Sabine Ludwigs
Institut für Polymerchemie, Universität Stuttgart
Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2021, 16:00 Uhr
via zoom


Bioinspired Multiresponsive Polymer Films

The beauty and multifunctionality of nature has been a constant inspiration for materials scientists to mimic functionalities and hierarchical structures in man-made materials. Both, color and motion in plants are examples which can be - to some extent - replicated by stimuli-responsive polymers and materials thereof.
The field of expertise of my group are conducting polymers which are used in a number of polymer electronics devices, but also in electrochemical applications where electronic and ionic charge transport are intimately linked with each other. 1
Among various self-synthesized materials we study the commercially available blend poly(ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS). Apart from its use as “synthetic metal” as
transparent flexible electrode, the material is a mixed conductor and also shows ionic conductivity as function of humidity
as we could recently elucidate. 2
The humidity dependence of the PSS polyelectrolyte phase together with the electroactive nature of the PEDOT can further be used to create multifunctional and multiresponsive materials, e.g. for humidity-triggered bilayer actuators. 3 Using simple analytical models allows to predict curvatures of such “intelligent” bilayer actuators.

1 M. Wieland, C. Malacrida, Q. Yu, C. Schlewitz, L. Scapinello, A. Penoni, S. Ludwigs, Conductance and Spectroscopic
Mapping of EDOT Polymer Films upon Electrochemical Doping, in „Focus on New Materials and Applications for
Organic Electrolyte Gated Transistors“, Flex. Print. Electron. 2020, 5, 014016.
2 M. Wieland, C. Dingler, R. Merkle, J. Maier, S. Ludwigs, Humidity-Controlled Water Uptake and Conductivities in Ion
and Electron Mixed Conducting Polythiophene Films, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12, 6742.
3 C. Dingler, H. Müller, M. Wieland, D. Fauser, H. Steeb, S. Ludwigs Understanding Mechanical Behavior to Curvature
Prediction of Humidity-Triggered Bilayer Actuators; Advanced Materials 2020, accepted.

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