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We are offering a PhD position in Computational Physics, focusing on the simulation of magnetic soft matter. The primary task will be to develop and analyze simulation models for magnetic gels, which respond to both, temperature changes and external magnetic fields.
The successful candidate will work on linking the microstructural design of these materials to their experimentally observable properties, with a particular emphasis on controlled drug release using magnetic microgels.
The project will involve using machine learning to build a coarse-grained model for the underlying thermo-responsive polymers. This model will then be applied in simulations that combine molecular dynamics and lattice Boltzmann hydrodynamics. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with experimentalists, ensuring the relevance of the research for future applications of the materials.

We offer a supportive and motivational environment, ideal for fostering collaborative relationships with both experimentalists and theoreticians. We provide ample opportunities for you to present your research at international conferences. 
With its Cluster of Excellence for Data-Integrated Simulation Science and close ties to the High Performance Computing Center (HLRS), the University of Stuttgart is a great place for simulation-based research.
Both, engaging courses on High Performance Computing and access to excellent computing facilities are available.

Key Qualifications:
1. A Master's degree in Physics.
2. A strong sense of curiosity and perseverance to tackle interesting and complex problems.
3. Previous experience in numerical methods and simulation. Experience in programming is an asset.
4. A willingness to collaborate closely with experimentalists.

This opportunity is ideal for candidates who are passionate about using advanced computational techniques to tackle meaningful challenges in soft matter science.
To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for two references to

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