New at the institute: Dr. Keerthi Radhakrishnan

November 1, 2022

My research broadly concerns the Physics of Soft Matter, especially the study of charged poly electrolytes immersed in ionic mixtures using computational coarse grained modeling and analytics.

The work done in my doctoral research centered around the investigation of the structural and dynamical aspects of neutral/charged polymeric systems under the confluence of both equilibrium (electrostatic interactions, hydrodynamic interactions) and strong non-equilibrium forces (tensile force, DC, AC field, confinement), with an intent to make important constructive and conceptual advancement along the frontiers of DNA electrophoresis, dielectrophoresis and other forced manipulations of macromolecules. While a part of my work addresses PE phenomenologies under external forces, the other solely focuses on a more microscopic ion based study of PE-counterion coupling. All these works address the ion association with the chain solely in the electrostatic context. However, in the future works I intend to investigate chemically reactive systems comprising weak poly electrolyte chains or gels in contact with a reservoir at certain pH, where the ion partitioning profoundly influences the reaction equilibria which in turn affects the ion partitioning in a complex feedback loop leading to interesting macroscopic responses within the system.

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