New at the Institute: Dr. Simon Gravelle

April 1, 2021

Simon is a new post-doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Dr. Christian Holm, where he will focus on atomistic and coarse-grained simulations of salt precipitation and biofilm growth in porous materials.

Simon's research is at the interface between nanofluidics, poromecanics and thermodynamics, with focus on the interactions between fluids and solids at the molecular scale. His main tools are molecular and continuum simulations, usually developed in close touch with experiments. More specifically, Simon's core activities focus on the transport of fluids through nanoporous structures using molecular simulations. The behaviour of fluids confined at the nanoscales deviates in many aspects from continuum predictions, and most phenomena still lack a proper explanation. A better understanding of the properties of nanoconfined fluids is necessary for improving the efficiency of artificial processes such as filtration, as well as for comprehending the many biological functions that take place at the nanoscale.

Starting from April 2021, Simon will occupy a Post-Doc position at ICP under joint supervision of Dr. Alexander Schlaich and Prof. Dr. Christian Holm and in close contact with the experimental team of the SFB 1313.

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