New at the Institute: Dr. Mariano Brito

May 4, 2021

Mariano’s research is framed within the field of Physics of Soft Matter and Active Matter, implementing both analytic and computational methods to study charge-stabilized colloidal suspensions, self-assembly and biological microswimmers.  

During his diploma studies at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina, he focused on self-assembly in suspensions of dipolar colloids, characterizing thermodynamics and structure of the suspensions by means of coarse-grained Stochastic Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations. Additionally, he worked with microswimmers, modelling soil bacteria under confinement using Brownian-Dynamics-like simulations. Through his doctoral project in the Research Center Juelich in Germany, he has focused on the study of effective interactions, structure and dynamics of charge-stabilized suspensions with different colloidal architecture. He developed analytic and semi-analytic methods that allowed to investigate the impact of both concentration-dependent swelling and backbone charge distributions of ionic microgels on structural, dynamic and thermodynamic suspension properties.

Starting from May 2021, Mariano will occupy a Post-Doc position at ICP under supervision of Prof. Dr. Christian Holm with the research focus on “Simulations of polymeric nanoparticles with complex architecture and composition”. 

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