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:Oberseminar (Presentations and Discussion)
:Oberseminar (Presentations and Discussion)
;Date and Time
;Date and Time
:Tu 10:30
:biweekly Tu 10:30 and We 13:00 (starting on October 15/16)
:Institut für Computerphysik, Meeting room
:Institut für Computerphysik, Meeting room

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Oberseminar (Presentations and Discussion)
Date and Time
biweekly Tu 10:30 and We 13:00 (starting on October 15/16)
Institut für Computerphysik, Meeting room
Axel Arnold
Course Number
We expect the participants to have fundamental knowledge in statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics and numerical algorithms.

Topical Meeting: Advanced Sampling Techniques

Group leader: Kai Kratzer Members: Ewa Anna Oprzeska-Zingrebe, Johannes Zeman, Maofeng Dou, Matthias Baur, Narayanan Krishnamoorthy Anand, Takeshi Kobayashi

In this topical group, we discuss advanced / meta sampling techniques. We concentrate on two main problems, namely the sampling of rare transitions and free energies.


The meeting takes place every three weeks on Tuesdays at 10:30, if not indicated differently.

WS 2014/2015

  • Tue, 02.12.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 11.11.2014: Rare event sampling with FFS, SPRES and FRESHS. Introduction of the work of the new group members
  • Tue, 21.10.2014: Initial meeting WS 2014/2015, progress reports

SS 2014

  • Tue, 9.9.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 19.8.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 29.7.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 08.07.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 17.06.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 27.05.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 06.05.2014: Progress reports
  • Tue, 15.04.2014: Progress reports

WS 2013/2014

  • Tue, 25.03.2014 (10:00): Progress reports, short presentations of the advanced sampling contributions for the DPG spring meeting.
  • Tue, 04.03.2014: Progress reports and crystallization of charged macromolecules as rare event (KK)
  • Tue, 04.02.2014: Progress report (JZ), Calculating surface tension and chemical potential (TK)
  • Tue, 21.01.2014: Progress report (ET), FFS using automatic, optimized interface placement (KK)
  • Tue, 07.01.2014: Progress report (TK), Umbrella Sampling, Metadynamics (JM, JL)
  • Tue, 10.12.2013: Progress report (JL), Parallel FFS simulations, statistics backtracking, decorrelation and efficient simulation control (KK,JZ)
  • Tue, 26.11.2013: Progress report (JM), FRESHS: The Flexible Rare Event Sampling Harness System (KK)
  • Tue, 12.11.2013: Progress report (KK), free energy landscapes and stationary distributions (JZ)
  • Tue, 29.10.2013: Progress report (TK, KK), order parameters / reaction coordinates / collective variables (ET)
  • Tue, 15.10.2013: Introduction (JZ, ET), progress report (JZ)
  • Tue, 17.09.2013: Initial meeting & introduction (KK, TK, JL, JM)


For rare events, we use

  • Forward Flux Sampling
  • Transition Interface Sampling

The standard tool here is FRESHS

For free energy calculations

  • Umbrella Sampling
  • Metadynamics

The standard tool here is PLUMED

Topical Meeting: Electrokinetics

Group leader: Ingo Tischler

Members: Christian Holm, Christoph Lohrmann, Florian Weik, Ingo Tischler, Kai Szuttor, Kartik Jain, Michael Kuron

In this group meeting we discuss electrokinetic phenomena. The main topics of interest are:

  • Electrostatics
  • Hydrodynamics (mainly Lattice-Boltzmann)
  • Electrokinetics


The meeting takes place every three weeks on Wednesday at 13:15.

Group Retreat 25/02/2016 EK Meeting programme. Length 90 mins:

Gary Davies will talk about Shan-Chen and future directions of LB research in the ICP. Length: 45 minutes. Michael Kuron, Flo Weik, and Georg Rempfer will talk about future directions of the EK algorithm and finite-sized particles using the EK algorithm. Length: 45 minutes.

SS 2016

  • Wed, 10.02.2016: Attendance: Gary Davies, Flo Weik, Michael Kuron, Tobias Rau, Christian Holm. Topic: G. Davies update on 4-arm-star polymer.
  • Wed, 23.03.2016
  • Wed, 13.04.2016
  • Wed, 04.05.2016
  • Wed, 25.05.2016
  • Wed, 15.06.2016
  • Wed, 06.07.2016