ESPResSo topical meeting

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Group leader: Olaf Lenz Members: Florian Weik, Ingo Tischler, Jonas Landsgesell, Kai Szuttor, Michael Kuron, Patrick Kreissl, Rudolf Weeber

In this group meeting we discuss everything concerning ESPResSo.

Current Topics

  • Python Interface
  • SystemInterface
  • Macro lists
    • Redistribute communication functions?
    • potentials.hpp: define POTENTIAL_CALLBACK_LIST

Topics for the Next Meeting

  • Reorganization of particle data structures and cellsystem
    • From array of structs to struct of stl vectors?
    • Symbiosis with refactoring of cell systems into a more object oriented way.


The meetings takes place Tuesday, 10:30, in the ICP meeting room.

SS 2014

  • Tue, 26.8.2014
  • Tue, 5.8.2014
  • Tue, 15.7.2014
  • Tue, 24.6.2014
  • Tue, 3.6.2014
  • Wed, 7.5.2014, 14:00
  • Tue, 22.4.2014