ESPResSo topical meeting

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Group leader: Olaf Lenz Members: David Sean, Florian Weik, Ingo Tischler, Jonas Landsgesell, Kai Szuttor, Konrad Breitsprecher, Michael Kuron, Patrick Kreissl, Robert Kaufmann, Rudolf Weeber

In this group meeting we discuss everything concerning ESPResSo.

Current Topics

  • Python Interface
  • SystemInterface
  • Macro lists
    • Redistribute communication functions?
    • potentials.hpp: define POTENTIAL_CALLBACK_LIST

Topics for the Next Meeting

  • Reorganization of particle data structures and cellsystem
    • From array of structs to struct of stl vectors?
    • Symbiosis with refactoring of cell systems into a more object oriented way.


The meetings takes place Tuesday, 10:30, in the ICP meeting room.

SS 2014

  • Tue, 26.8.2014
  • Tue, 5.8.2014
  • Tue, 15.7.2014
  • Tue, 24.6.2014
  • Tue, 3.6.2014
  • Wed, 7.5.2014, 14:00
  • Tue, 22.4.2014